The garden - Click on a picture for a larger version....

Wild Flower Meadow

This is a well-established wild-flower area, managed as a traditional hay-meadow, with a wild-life friendly, wet area in one corner.

Cottage Garden

This informal "garden room" has a mix of colourful perennials, bulbs and clipped box.

Herb Garden

This is a more formal garden with aromatic and culinary herbs, enclosed by espalier-trained apples.

Front Garden

Here we have symmetrical beds of perennials with tulips in spring.


This is a pleasant area in which to relax with a cup of coffee.

Rock Garden

The rock garden, constructed using some of the large grit-stone boulders which were on the site, blends into the woodland behind.

Vegetable Garden

We have a productive organic vegetable plot which provides us with a very good range of fruit and vegetables.

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